Rui Yang (Wood Products Processing)

Southcoast Reman, Maple Ridge, BC

Rui Yang

My first co-op term was with Southcoast Reman. It was a great place to get your hands dirty and gain experience in the wood industry. At Southcoast Reman, I realized what I have learned in class is very useful, and I was happy to put it into practice. As a co-op student, I worked on tracking kiln sticking and de-sticking performance for both the stacker and manual sticking group, and I also implemented a time study to seek improvements on the bottlenecks. Another project that I worked on was developing a spare parts system for the kilns. There was lots of other knowledge and experience that I learned from my supervisor and co-workers. I would like to thank everybody at the Co-op Program and Southcoast Reman for offering me this opportunity to learn from experts in the wood industry, while providing a great start to my career.

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