Rui Yang (Wood Products Processing)

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd, Williams Lake Sawmill, BC

For my second co-op work term, I worked as a Quality Control student with West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. in the Williams Lake Sawmill in BC, Canada. West Fraser is the largest lumber producer in North America. As one of Canada’s top 100 employers, West Fraser committed to offer an exceptional workplace for its employees. During my first two months, I was mainly working on developing Excel sheets using VBA codes for analyzing production output results. I have developed Liner High Grader (LHG) maintenance skills and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) calibration skills. Besides, I have also enhanced my lumber grading skills and quality control skills by performing dimension and grade checks of lumber and making adjustments on machines. Moreover, I have improved my understanding of planer mill production by preparing weekly reports, monthly reports and attending production and sales meetings. For the next few months, I will work on building a product catalogue for Williams lake lumber and calculating a payback period for Bioluma – a defect identifying and analyzing system on optimization. I will also work on calculating the payback period of the automation system for Bander & Wrap station. In addition, I will also spend some time on a kiln control project. This co-op work term gave me a lot of hands-on experience in the wood industry. I thank both the co-op program and West Fraser for giving me tremendous amount of help before and during my Co-op work term. This working experience was definitely a stepping stone for my career in the future. And I strongly encourage everyone who is interested in forestry to join the co-op program.

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