Sam Bowerman (Natural Resources Conservation)

Creston Valley Wetlands Management Area – Creston, BC

Sam Bowerman

Creston is truly beautiful – just green fields of alfalfa and fruit orchards stuck between the Coast Range and the Rockies. My work at the Creston Valley Wetlands Management Area has been great. I work with three other naturalists in the interpretive centre running programs and tours designed to teach the general public about wetlands, the organisms that inhabit them and their importance in maintaining biodiversity (among other benefits). Every day there is a new group of local school children waiting to learn about wetlands. My favourite part of the job is taking the kids on canoe tours. We cruise around the marsh and examine the local flora and fauna while I talk about all the great things I leaned in ecology. Hopefully I’m installing at least a sliver of interest for conservation in the minds of these children but if they hop on the bus at the end of the day smiling, I guess that’s alright too.

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