Samantha Davis (Natural Resources Conservation, Global Perspectives)

Suncor, Fort McMurray, Alberta

Samantha Davis

I have only been at Suncor Energy Inc. for 6 weeks and already I’m getting my hands dirty. This picture was taken just North of Fort McMurray during my second week. At the time we were clearing trees from a cutline that is frequently used for accessing ground water wells for water sampling.
In addition to getting dirty, I have been able to take on a variety of responsibilities while working here as an Environmental Advisor. I’ve been organizing travel logistics for the Reclamation team and contractors, participating in field surveys (sampling for ground water, surface water, algae, invertebrates, soil, vegetation and some wildlife) and recording detailed field notes and transferring those to an online database. I have been enjoying the variety of tasks and mix of office and fieldwork between Calgary and Fort McMurray. Thanks to the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program, I am able to get real industry experience and acquire all the training and field skills I would need to continue an environmental career in the oil and gas industry.

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