Satyam Soni (Urban Forestry)

Botany Collections Assistant at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario

As the Botany Collections Assistant at the Canadian Museum of Nature, I helped to prepare, mount and therefore process lichen and some vascular species collected in the field to prepare for filing in the national herbarium. I also helped file, manage, and organise lichen species in the herbarium for easier access to scientists and researchers. As a part of my role, I have learnt a lot about lichens and their role in the ecosystem. I have learnt to mount, sort, inventory and digitize plant species. I also understood how the organization, collection, and management of specimens takes place from start to finish. Finally, I understood how various museums and botanical institutions across the world collaborate and share their specimens for preservation, research, and education.

Co-op provided me with an opportunity to use my knowledge from classes towards use in the professional environment. It’s the best way to try different experiences and see what you are passionate about, all while being a student. I am grateful for all the help and support I received from my advisors and strongly recommend students to be part of the co-op program.

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