Seo Yeon Kim (Natural Resources Conservation)

Program Supervisor at CTS Youth Society in Burnaby, BC

The natural world is a special place that everyone deserves to enjoy, explore, and appreciate. Through my second co-op term as a Program Supervisor with CTS Youth Society, I get to advocate for exactly that. By facilitating low barrier, all-inclusive programs, I strive to open a safe and welcoming space where youth members can learn more about themselves, the environment, and their place in this world. Youth are the driving forces of our future and it is more important now than ever to have opportunities like CTS that are dedicated to developing leadership and social responsibility in youth through environmental awareness and stewardship. 

My responsibilities range greatly from facilitating environmental stewardship projects around Metro-Vancouver parks to developing and directing a CTS promotional video of my own creation. Some of my favourite stewardship projects I’ve helped lead are planting of Trillium seedlings and wild garlic as well as building split fence rails to protect a patch of Pink Fawn Lilies. Some of my other tasks include training and mentoring groups of select youth, planning and supervising environmental programs, creating marketing material for our social media platforms, and meeting with Metro Vancouver park staff and potential program partners. 

This work term has been a wonderful and highly rewarding experience. Since having done my previous work term with the federal government and now working in a non-profit, I have learned a lot about the cultures and values that come with different levels of organizations. CTS has given me the wonderful opportunity to create projects of my own choosing and allowed me the support and freedom to execute them with my own ideas and innovation. I’ve gotten the chance to connect and learn from inspiring leaders in the workforce and gained a great insight on different streams in my field. I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the CTS team this season and feel greatly excited to continue learning and exploring. 

ad them on a bi-weekly basis, and supervised groups of participants through environmental stewardship projects at Capilano River, Belcarra, Boundary Bay and Colony Farm regional parks. Through this role I gained newfound confidence in my abilities and skills as an educator, mentor, and supervisor. As Program Supervisor, I learned how to perform new tasks such as applying for grants, event planning, project development, creating risk and safety protocol and designing environmental education resources and tools. This co-op placement also provided me an opportunity to grow and develop further my interpersonal and written communication, organization, conflict resolution, risk management, leadership, goal setting and collaboration skills especially working as co-lead planning the Annual CTS BBQ, the largest event of the season. The co-op program has given me an incredible opportunity to grow and develop as a student, professional and person. It has enabled me to make lasting connections and discover what careers I want to pursue in the future.

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