Shirlei Ishizaki (Forest Sciences)

ES Cropconsult, BC

I kicked-off my Co-op Program working as a Field Technician at ES Cropconsult. I spend most of my hours outside, in the fields, recording data on pests and diseases found in potato crops, as well as other vegetables around the lower mainland. The work I do, scouting, is a small, but decisive part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a preventative measure that joins biology and economy, making data-based decisions to improve yield crops. I am acquiring knowledge on uncommon agricultural subjects, that will serve as reference for me, as an Urban Forestry Student, in creating sustainable communities, and healthy urban ecosystems. The Co-op Program allows me to explore different views, as well as obtain knowledge and experience. When I started this job, I wasn’t sure how it would apply to my targeted career path, but it is up to me to make the most out of the opportunities that show on my way to educate myself, build connections, and have fun!

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