Shucong (Ansel) Nie (Forestry – Forest Resources Management)

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

For my first Co-op work term, I have been working as a research assistant in the Evenden Lab, which studies plant-insect interactions and insect chemical and behavioural ecology at the University of Alberta. This is an incredible opportunity for me to work with some excellent people in this summer. As a field and laboratory research assistant, I have learnt a lot about the endemic niche of mountain pine beetle which is the most damaging biotic disturbance agent in mature pines in western Canada. In Dr Maya Evenden’s lab I worked in the field gathering data on the density of beetle attacks in lodgepole, hybrid, and jack pine stands across Alberta. In the lab, my work involved flight bioassays on computer-linked flight mills. I was very lucky to find this job which gave me plenty of opportunities to see first-hand that the landscape in Alberta is truly spectacular, ranging from lush green forests and stunning lakes to the rugged magnificence of the Canadian Rockies. I appreciate the significance of co-op now that I completed my first term. The experience not only benefited to my career but also enhanced my academic performance after returning to UBC.

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