Sneha Gupta (Forest Sciences)

Sneha Gupta

BSFS – Khowutzun Forest Services, Duncan, BC

This summer I got the opportunity to work on Vancouver Island at Khowutzun Forest Services. During this time I was able to develop my skills in silviculture by working in the field completing surveys and analyzing the plants and soil in the region in order to determine the effects of climate change on the land. I was fortunate to be working with members from the Cowichan Tribe and learn their approaches to forest management and combating fires. Additionally, I was able to work with two professional foresters who gave me the opportunity to survey fish creeks and wildlife dangerous trees, pushing me towards my future career. The most memorable component of this term has been interacting with a Cowichan medicine woman and learning about the medicinal uses of native plants and then using them in the creation of medicines. By being in the co-op program I was able to enhance my knowledge of the forestry industry while immersing myself fully in the environment around me. Co-op has pushed me to face challenges and fears in my life while preparing me for the future. Overall, this co-op semester has been a great learning experience and has allowed me to meet a diverse group of people who has influenced my perception of forestry.

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