Taylor Reynolds (Forest Bioeconomy Sciences & Technology)

Laboratory Technician at Nexe Technology in Surrey, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op student, Taylor Reynolds, is sitting at a desk in a lab coat and smiling.

For my first Co-op work term position, I worked as a laboratory technician for a new company called Nexe Innovations. I was extremely eager to begin at this organization upon learning about their extraordinary contributions toward a more environmentally feasible future. Their innovation in developing plant based packaging is designed to reduce the amount of single use plastics currently generated within the Keurig and Nespresso industry.   

At Nexe Innovations my role varied significantly according to demand, giving me a range of different experiences. I was able to work individually and in small teams; in both the lab and office settings. I performed lab testing on the company’s new plant based k-cup and nespresso pods, where I collected various data and recorded results to be interpreted in order to present my findings to improve product procedures and design processes. I was able to work closely with fellow co-workers to gain insight on production procedures and facility equipment, fulfilling daily tasks and small project based work.

From my experience I was able to gain a broad range of skills that equip me for future career opportunities. Most notably, learning the importance of teamwork and the power of having a strong relationship with fellow co-workers which leads to quality communication and therefore enhanced production. Through team building activities and having hands-on experience here at Nexe Innovations I was able to develop as a new employee in the workplace and learn more about my capabilities in relation to managing and completing tasking and meeting deadlines.

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