Tina Lu (Urban Forestry)

C.J Elementary School

Tina Lu

For my second co-op work term, I continued my work as an Environmental Education Assistant at C.J Elementary School. Continuing my second work term at the same place allows me to see more aspects of my job, and I am able to improve and have a deeper understanding of local culture and environment. My job was to assist teachers through out various environmental related courses, for instance: plant identification course, plant cooking course and plant dyeing course. To be able to continue working here for my second term helps me build a stronger connection with children. This allows me to become a better assistant during various courses. I have learned how to communicate with children and how to develop environmental learning programs for different types of children. This has been a life changing experience, because without joining co-op program I would not have step out of my comfort zone. This experience allows me to open my vision to see stuff that is outside of my academic life, at the same time expand upon what I have learned in school. I encourage other students to join co-op to step out of their comfort zone, to discover more potential in them.

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