Veena Vinod (Natural Resources Conservation)

Veena Vinod – Parks Canada

BSCN – Parks Canada, Vancouver, BC

This summer, I got the amazing opportunity to work with Parks Canada on the Vancouver Outreach team. I got a chance to be located at the Vancouver Aquarium for the next few weeks to do some interpretive work. In this picture, I’m holding up a bear track prop that I used to engage with visitors about the importance of Human Wildlife Co-existence. My role on the Outreach team are to create and deliver programs to the public that would inspire and educate about current issues such as species at risk or climate change. In developing programs, I have done extensive research and understood the target demographic I am presenting to. There is a lot of planning and rehearsing involved including working both independently as well as in a group setting. In creating programs I have worked in partnership with several companies and associations, such as Science world, Vancouver Aquarium, BC ferries and the Canucks Autism Network. From working with these partnerships, I have learned how much communication is required to achieve our goals and satisfy both groups, as well as the importance of promoting and spreading awareness of our projects via social media.

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