Wanyue Zhu (Forest Resources Management)

Lab and Field Assistant at UBC Tree Ring Lab in Vancouver, BC

UBC Forestry Student, Wanyue Zhu, is kneeling by a tree and using tools.

For my third co-op term, I am working for Dr Lori Daniels in the UBC Treering lab. I spent most of my time scouting for fire scars, setting up plots, measuring trees, and extracting tree ring data using increment borers. These data will indicate the climate and atmospheric conditions during the different periods of trees’ life cycles. Then by analyzing the information gathered from numerous plots in the Cariboo region, we will be able to reconstruct the local wildfire history, understand the influences of indigenous practices before European settlements, and gain insights into proper wildfire management in this warming climate. I truly treasure this experience, and I hope to use the knowledge and skills I gained from this job in my future forest research-related work. 

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