Xin Yu Zheng (Forest Resource Management)

Deforestation Remote Sensing Analyst with Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria, BC

I am responsible for checking different Landsat/satellite images on ArcMap while incorporating high-resolution images on Google Earth to see if there are any human-induced deforestation events happening across Canada, where it has been divided into different packages containing cells that are 3km by 3km. If there is a deforestation event happening and the area is greater than a hectare, I will have to map it on ArcMap and input relative information of the deforestation event (eg. forest pre-type, post-class, and current land use).

This co-op work term not only has given me the chance to apply the remote sensing knowledge I have learned in my forestry courses in real-life work experience while learning new skills. I also got to see different land-use changes and geography across the whole of Canada. Co-op is an extremely good opportunity to experience different fields and build connections outside of school.

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