Yanhan Liu (Forest Resources Management)

APP China Forestry

Yanhan Liu

In my first co-op work term, I worked in the department of sustainable development in APP China Forestry. APP has been working towards a renewed association with FSC. At the beginning of the internship, I read many documents and materials related to HCVF (High Conservation Value Forests), FSC-CW (Forest Stewardship Council-Controlled Wood) and CoC (Chain of Custody). As a member of HCV (High Conservation Value) Team, I was responsible for helping identify HCV (e.g. tomb, streams, etc.) and translating documents (e.g. estimated transportation costs), as well as translation on the conference. As there were no distinctive boundaries between each HCV category, it was challenging to identify and classify HCV in the compartments of forestlands. This Co-op work term offered me more than a working experience. Anyone who wants to step out of his/her comfort zones should consider joining co-op.

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