Yu Chen (Forestry)

Forsite, Fort St. John, BC

Yu Chen

I recently completed three consecutive 4 month work terms as a Forest Technician with Forsite Consultants Ltd. in Fort St. John. Working for 12 months at the same employer provided me with a unique opportunity to have my responsibilities progressively increase throughout the year while allowing me a variety of opportunities to improve my technical skills. More importantly, I really enjoyed the experience of working in the field during all four seasons! My job focused on multiphase timber development projects directed by BCTS and CANFOR. My responsibilities included harvesting, road layout, timber cruising, riparian and ecological assessments, timber reconnaissance, GPS traversing, data management, and much more. I was also given extensive field engineering experience which will benefit both my academic and forestry career plans in the future. My co-op work terms allowed me to enhance my field-based work experience and gain a much greater understanding of the forest industry in BC. I really want to thank the Co-op Program for helping me explore career options and build networks for my future employment.

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