Yuan Gao (Forestry)

APP China, Hainan, China

Yuan Gao

I was in the department of sustainable development in Hainan Jinhua Forestry Company Ltd., which is one of the biggest forest companies in China. I felt so lucky because our company was preparing to pass the FSC certification and other certifications due to the decline of domestic paper industry when I joined them. I prepared for the FSC certification before I arrived in China, taught workers the importance of using helmet and other safety equipment and how to use GPS tools as well as playing a pivotal role in teaching my coworkers to protect wildlife. I also assisted with various other certification processes. I helped to translate documents for the company from Indonesia. I also translated about 28 journals for the first folk root plantation association in China, which is not easy, but very meaningful. I felt so honored to make contributions (even if small contributions) for Chinese forestry industry as a forester from China.

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