Zoltan Mityok (Natural Resources Conservation)

Cortes Forestry General Partnership, Manson’s Landing, BC

Zoltan Mityok

I will always recommend the Forestry Co-op program to others after being a part of so many amazing teams and projects. As my fourth work term, my dream of working for a newly licensed community forest has come true much earlier than expected! I am conducting all of the preliminary reconnaissance and survey work with one other student, and it has been the most welcoming and meaningful job experience yet. Cortes Island has a vision, and all of the timber typing, road surveying and engineering, stream assessments, community meetings and board member discussions make this a comprehensive learning experience like no other. I am proud of the work I do and I hope Cortes and other community forests will gain traction as more students and professionals become interested in such an exciting way of doing forestry.

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