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Transfer Agreements

Admissions Pathway: Transfer from a College or University

This is your pathway if you have taken a minimum of 24 transferable credits at a recognized college or university. Please note that if you have completed between 6 and 23 transferable credits, your basis of admission is a combination of your high school and college or university work. Both your secondary school and post secondary studies must satisfy the UBC entrance requirements for your program of choice.

If you have completed 24 or more transferable credits at the post-secondary level, UBC will calculate your GPA based on your post-secondary courses. If you have earned more than 30 transferable credits, you will be evaluated on your most recent 30 transferable and relevant credits of study, including any failed or repeated courses.

While your post-secondary can act as your basis of admission, you must also meet the Faculty of Forestry’s secondary school entrance prerequisites.

Transfer Credit

To help you determine if your post-secondary work is transferable to UBC, please see the BC Transfer Guide. In BC, post-secondary institutions guarantee credit for courses or programs completed at other institutions, provided that these are listed in this Guide.

If a satisfactory grade has been achieved and if UBC offers an equivalent course, UBC will grant transfer credit for any course successfully completed at a recognized post-secondary institiution. The maximum allowable transfer credit is no more than 50% of required program credits or up to a maximum of 60 credits.

For program-specific advising on transfer credit for the following programs, please email

  • Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation
    • Global Perspectives Major
    • Science and Management Major
  • Bachelor of Science in Forestry
    • Forest Operations Major
    • Forest Resources Management Major
  • Bachelor of Urban Forestry

For information on the Bachelor of Science in Wood Products Processing, visit the WPP Transfer page.

BC Colleges that Specialize in First-Year Science and Technical Forestry

The Faculty of Forestry has developed relationships with colleges throughout BC that specialize in first-year science and technical forestry. Students from rural communities can live closer to home and transfer to UBC after completing first-year science and forestry courses.

See a listing of these colleges and how to transfer on our Transfer from BC Colleges in Rural Communities page.

Admissions Pathway: After Completion of a 2-Year Technical Diploma

This is your pathway if you have completed a technical diploma in forestry, wood manufacturing or technical engineering. If you have successfully completed the requirements for a two-year technical diploma, with a minimum average of 65%, you may be able to use your diploma as your basis of admission to UBC.

While your Diploma can act as your basis of admission, you must also meet the Faculty of Forestry’s secondary school entrance prerequisites. Your diploma may give you advanced standing in your Faculty of Forestry program. Transfer credits or exemptions for specific courses are determined on an individual basis or are based on existing agreements between the technical institution and UBC. For more information about diploma transfers to the Faculty of Forestry, please contact the Admissions Advisor by phone at 604-822-1834 or by email: