Current Students

Timlehin AdewoleAdewole, Timlehin

I am Timilehin Adewole from Ile-Ife, a small town in Nigeria, Africa. I got into the field of forestry in the year 2010 attending a college of forestry in Nigeria. After my secondary school for a diploma certificate in forestry technology, I proceeded to University of Ibadan, Nigeria to study Forest Resources Management for a bachelor’s degree. I have been privileged to serve as an intern at the Forestry research Institute of Nigeria, volunteered for organizations with green world initiatives, and also worked as a graduate assistant at the department of Forestry and wildlife Management, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. Over the years, I developed a passion for combating the menace of climate change, especially in my field of forestry. A second degree in Forest management is my next target to be able to proffer solutions to forest mismanagement around the world. I like travelling and exploring new places. I look forward to studying in Canada, gaining the best experience educationally and meeting with like-minded people on the issue of sustainability of the environment.

Ryan BanwarthBanwarth, Ryan

I was born and raised in a small agrarian town in the heartland of California’s Sac-Joaquin valley. My undergraduate career began in the Pacific Northwest at the University of Puget Sound where I studied Environmental Policy and History of Science. During my undergraduate studies I was fortunate enough to participate in several extended field expeditions, one siting/permitting study in Juneau, Alaska and another four-month hydrological and geological survey along the entirety of the Colorado River Basin. I am very excited to move North once again and join the MSFM cohort. I look forward to laying down new roots and growing new ideas with both the Forestry faculty and student body. Cheers!

Adam BurdettBurdett, Adam

My name is Adam and I live in Smithers B.C. where I work for the B.C. Wildfire Service. I started wildfire fighting in 2009 to help pay my way through an undergrad degree in Victoria (BSc. in Biology). Upon graduation, I realized I already had a career that I loved so I continued to work in wildfire. During my eleven years of firefighting I have been exposed to all sorts of forestry related operations which have sparked my curiosity. I have since decided it is time to further my education and pursue my RPF. I was born and raised in North Vancouver and have not spent much time in the big city in my adult life. I look forward to my courses, eating some good food, and playing against some new competition in the squash courts.

Timothie ChapmanChapman, Timothie

I was born in Guelph Ontario, where I spent most of my early years exploring the green spaces surrounding my family home, either on two feet or two wheels. I studied geography and environmental studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo Ontario. Immediately following the completion of my degree, I gained employment in the Ontario Parks system. This required moving to an isolated community along the coast of Lake Superior. A paddling and hiking paradise in northern Ontario – roughly 1000 km from home. Since my time in northern Ontario, I have been fortunate enough to travel to a number of beautiful locations, including an extended stint on the island of Kaua’i. Recent professional experience in the environmental field, specifically conservation, has brought me closer to the immense pressures facing our natural environment. This reality is what has driven me to take my skills and education to the next level. I enjoying hiking, camping, bird looking and maintaining my community garden plot. I am looking forward to the adventure of the MSFM program and where it will take me next.

Zhou ChenChen, Zhuo

My name is Zhuo Chen and I am from China. I am excited to join the 2019/2020 MSFM cohort. I recently completed an Honours Bachelor degree in Forestry (Forest Management) from both Anhui Agricultural University (Anhui, China) and Lakehead University (Ontario, Canada). I have always enjoyed running, hiking, mountain biking, skiing when I have free time. What’s more, I love to travel, visit places of interest, and make new friends. In the past two summers, I had the opportunity to participate in an internship at Weizheng Wood Products Co. Ltd. in China, in furniture production. I also became a volunteer to collect the seeds at the Natural Conservancy of Canada, which has ignited my enthusiasm in exploring forest sustainable development. Therefore, I plan to expand my forestry knowledge and improve my professional skills through both academic learning and fieldwork in the forests of BC. My ultimate goal is to have a more integrated comprehension in ecological sustainable development through my studies. I am looking forward to starting our program and meeting all of you.

Aaminah ColeCole, Aaminah

My name is Aaminah Cole. I am from Washington, DC, and I have come to the Masters of Sustainable Forestry Management program from a nontraditional route. I’ve long held interest in both art and science. I earned my BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art, but the self-knowledge I gained from postgrad experiences working within my field and exploring others motivated me to go back to school to pursue a career in the sciences. Awareness of emerging challenges facing our coastal environments, and finding I had an unexpected aptitude and interest in soils and surveying courses led me to UBC’s Sustainable Forest Management program. I look forward to embarking on this path with you all.

Jared Collen
Collen, Jared

My name is Jared Collen and I am from Penticton, BC. My love for the outdoors and my desperate need for tuition money led me to tree planting, which ultimately helped me finish my BA at Concordia College with a major in Business Management. While tree planting was a great experience, I soon realized I needed to move up in the world of forestry if I wanted my body to hold up! I transitioned into running crews, surveying and most recently, managing a planting contract as a checker. The time has come to finally push myself to become an RPF and I could not be more excited. I am looking forward to learning more about the industry in the MSFM program.

Brittany CoulterCoulter, Brittany

I’m Britt, and I am stoked to be part of this year’s MSFM Cohort! I grew up in North Vancouver where I completed a certificate in Wilderness Leadership and an Associate’s Degree in Global Stewardship from Capilano University. Following these programs, I spent multiple years abroad, mostly in eastern Africa and India, working in the development sector. I just completed a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria in Physical Geography, with a double major in Environmental Studies. My honours research was focused on Dendroglaciology (trees and glaciers) and a mid-Holocene reconstruction of glacial advance in the Coast Mountains. So basically, I got spend four weeks last summer camping, hiking and riding in helicopters to remote Glaciers near Mt. Waddington (Top of Knight Inlet), searching for subfossilized wood remains. We ended up finding preserved wood around 6,000 years old! Most recently, I have begun articling as a Forester in Training (FIT) while working for the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources district office in Port Alberni. I think this program is going to be an amazing platform for me to launch my career into the Forestry sector.

Brianna DumasDumas, Brianna

My name is Brianna Dumas. I grew up in Kirkland Lake Ontario and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, from Nipissing University in North Bay Ontario where I have lived for the past several years. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I completed a certificate in Forest Resource Management and Conservation, an internship at Nipissing Forest Resource Management, and a thesis, which focused on the recovery of shrub communities in forests degraded by intense moose browsing in Gros Morne National Park, western Newfoundland. I have a passion for forestry and all things nature related. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors hiking, canoeing, and skiing among other activities. My goal is to expand my knowledge about forestry and learn how to responsibly, and sustainably manage forests. I am looking forward to being a part of the 2019/2020 MSFM cohort, meeting all of you, and working towards the RPF designation.

 Kent FosterFoster, Kent

I am originally from Toronto, Ontario. I completed a H.B.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto, and received an advanced diploma from Nova Scotia Community College. I have been working in British Columbia as a GIS/Forest Technician for the past two years, and currently articling as a FIT through the ABCFP. I’ve chosen to pursue the UBC MSFM program in order to obtain the core competencies in forestry that are required by the ABCFP. I look forward to getting outdoors, broadening my knowledge, and continuing my career in forestry.

Casie GanoGano, Casie

I grew up in the foothills near Sundre, AB on a small red angus ranch. Surrounded by crown land, the forest and forestry industry has always been a tangible part of my life. After studying Environmental Science and Philosophy I started working for B.C. Wildfire Service. This experience in the field has directed me to a program where I can integrate my interest in wildfire with land use practices. The MSFM is a practical program that I am excited to be part of, to continue my work and expand my knowledge in the forest industry.

Cerasela Grigoras
Grigoras, Cerasela

My name is Cerasela and I have graduated from University of Winnipeg Bioscience Program with thesis subject focused on Forestry and Entomology. I was born in Romania, and my background is in agricultural science and biotechnology. In Romania, I’ve worked in microbiology of natural mineral water in the Carpethian mountains for several years. My introduction and interest in forestry and natural resources started during my research at University of Winnipeg, and working on various projects involving endangered species and measuring biodiversity of boreal forests of Manitoba. For the last two years, I’ve worked for the City of Winnipeg Insect Control branch fighting against pests of the urban forest including Emerald Ash borer. The MSFM program is a great opportunity to fulfill my outdoor enthusiasm and the pursuit of a career as a professional forester. I am happy to be part of the program and excited to meet everyone.

Jenna Kuzniar
Kuzniar, Jenna

My name is Jenna Kuzniar and I’m stoked to be part of the MSFM program in 2019. Born in Queensville, Ontario, I completed my undergrad in Biology at Dalhousie University. During summers, I was introduced to the forestry industry as a tree planter in North Western Ontario. After school, I headed west and worked as a forest field technician in North Eastern Alberta before moving to Vancouver Island in 2016. I am currently living and working as a field engineer in Gold River BC. I love playing hockey and golf, dirt biking, spending time with family, and just generally being outside.

Silas Ling
Ling, Silas

My name is Wai Yin Ling or you can call me Silas. I am from Hong Kong and I completed my Bachelor of Social Science in Geography and Resource Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am a Certified Arborist ® of the International Society of Arboriculture and an amateur tree climber. For the past 3 years, I have been working as an arborist in different consultant firms, and my interest in forestry has grown as I learn and work more in the industry. I am very delighted to be part of the 2019/20 MSFM cohort and I believe the program is the best start for me to pursue knowledge and a career in forestry. I look forward to getting started, meeting all of you and learning more about forestry.

Danielle Main
Main, Danielle

My name is Danielle and I am from North Vancouver, BC. I completed my undergraduate degree at UBC in Geography (E&S) and Biology, with a minor in French. My research interests focus primarily in plant ecology and phytogeography. My passion for plant sciences and two amazing field seasons in the Canadian Rockies, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have led me to pursue a master’s in forestry where I can link science and sustainability. When I’m not working, I can be found at ballet or Irish dance, exploring the great outdoors, enjoying winter sports, or tending to my houseplants. The MSFM program will help me attain my RPF designation and allow me to pursue a career in forestry where I can contribute to sustainable forest management.

Geoffrey Matheson
Matheson, Geoffrey

I grew up in Quebec and did an undergraduate degree in political at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. During university I started tree planting in Ontario, Alberta and both the interior and coast of BC. After planting, I earned a diploma in Forest Technology from Selkirk College, in the BC Kootenays. I am looking forward to expand my forest management skills and expertise.

Derek McLeanMcLean, Derek

My name is Derek McLean and I grew up in South Windsor, Connecticut. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I have since been working in the environmental sector and found myself more and more drawn to the subjects of sustainable resource use and our relation to forests. I am incredibly excited to expand my education into the field of forestry!

Adrienne Pierre
Pierre, Adrienne

My name is Adrienne Pierre. I grew up in North Bay, Ontario, but I’ve moved around quite a bit since then: I completed my undergrad at the University of Waterloo (in Geography and Environmental Management), worked in hospitality in Jasper, Lake Louise, Toronto, and South Australia, and finally moved to Nanaimo last year to take on the Forest Resources Technology Program at VIU. This program was a great introduction into the world of forestry, and I’m thrilled about this opportunity to dig deeper into such an interesting and exciting industry. I’ll be coming into the MSFM program from my summer job as a forest biology intern on Vancouver Island. I’m looking forward to a great year learning about landscape-level forest management and beginning my career as a professional forester.

 Celine Theriault
Theriault, Celine

My name is Celine Theriault. I was born in Halifax and raised on the East Coast and Ontario. I completed a Bachelor of Science at Queen’s University in Environmental Science. During that time, I spent several summers working for Parks Canada in Jasper National Park focusing on vegetative restoration. Since graduating, I have done work in cut block layout, ski patrol, working my way through the Canadian Avalanche Association courses and some trip guiding. The last few years I have spent time in the Yukon, based out of Dawson City, working as a wildland firefighter on an initial attack crew. I decided to take this program to study and explore sustainable forest management practices in Canada, and ultimately to continue a career in forestry and fire management with a solid foundation of knowledge. I’m looking forward to working with like-minded individuals and learning as much as possible in the coming year.

Steven Tostenson
Tostenson, Steven

My name is Steve Tostenson and I am from Kelowna, British Columbia. I graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan where I majored in Earth and Environmental Sciences. During this time, I played rugby on UBCO’s varsity team and the Okanagan’s elite 7’s team as well as helped coach my old high school’s rugby team. This summer, I am working for an agriculture and environmental services company in Okanagan Falls. When I am not working in OK Falls, I run a small cow-calf and hay operation with my brother on our family farm in Kelowna. It was my grandfather (my Nonno) who originally sparked my passion for farming. Growing up, rugby and hockey were a huge part of my life, as well as other activities that I still enjoy such as skiing, fishing, and hunting. These activities have shaped my love for the outdoors and have pushed me towards pursuing a career in forestry.

Nicholas Wodrich
Wodrich, Nicholas

My name is Nicholas Wodrich. I am from London Ontario. I enjoy staying physically active in my free time. I look forward to learning how to snowboard on the slopes of BC. I’m a recent graduate in geography and political studies from Queen’s University at Kingston. At Queen’s, I performed research fieldwork to analyze aspen tree wood quality and quantity in genetically different trees. I also undertook a project for the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (Marshlands Conservation Area) examining the effects of the emerald ash borer within the conservation area. Using GPS, I determined infection rates, mapped ash tree inventory, and hazard delineation to assess the general health of the forest. I aspire to be a RPF working in the forestry industry of British Columbia. My goal is to learn about forest management and develop innovative methods to create sustainable forest stewardship for the benefit of all.

Xiaoying Wu
Wu, Xiaoying

My name is Xiaoying Wu and I was born in China. I just graduated from Beijing Forestry University with the Bachelor of Science in Biology and from UBC with the Bachelor of Forest Science. I am very interested about international forestry and specifically forest management. My interest drives me to become a professional forester. I am looking forward to the study of MSFM to gain academic knowledge.

Hanxiao Zhang
Zhang, Hanxiao

I’m Hanxiao Zhang, or you can call me Han. I am from Nanjing, China, and just graduated from Nanjing Forestry University and UBC in Forest Management in 2019. BC’s rich forestry resources prompted me to continue my studies in forest resource management to become a professional forester. I am more interested in the forest economy, so I will focus on the relevant content in the upcoming year.