UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op students incorporate the practical with the theoretical by completing eight academic terms and five work terms over a five-year period.

Students in every undergraduate Forestry discipline are invited to apply and participate in the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program.

The Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program includes students from all six bachelor degree programs:

  • BSc in Forest Sciences – prepares students for a career in forest biology research to create leaders in forest ecosystem management.
  • BSc in Natural Resources Conservation
    • Major in Science and Management – students gain knowledge and skills to develop sound practices in renewable resources, the management of protected areas, and sustainable resource management of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
    • Major in Global Perspectives – focuses on the conservation and management of renewable and non-renewable resources, policy formation, and planning within a global context.
  • BSc in Wood Products Processing – prepares graduates who will have in-depth knowledge and understanding of wood as a material and are capable of managing state-of-the-art wood products manufacturing facilities.
  • BSF in Forestry
    • Major in Forest Resources Management – prepares students for decision-making roles in forest management within its political and socio-economic environments, and for the full range of professional responsibilities with forest land use.
    • Major in Forest Operations – prepares graduates for the full range of professional responsibilities associated with ecologically sound harvesting practices, with an emphasis on engineering as well as economic aspects of harvest and transportation systems.
  • Bachelor of Urban Forestry – To meet the growing demand for urban forest managers and urban forest planners, the Faculty of Forestry (with support from the School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture) has launched a new bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry (BUF).
  • BSc in Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology (BEST) – provides students with a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive education focused on the political, scientific, and economic challenges facing the growing bioeconomy and the increasing need to create a sustainable future.