Exchange Myths

UBC undergraduate students can go on exchange during their 2nd, 3rd and even during their 4th year as long as they come back to UBC for at least one term. UBC is fully committed in enabling YOU to study abroad

You are eligible to go on exchange with a 70% average for the year prior going abroad.

Internationalization is upon all of us, the more international experiences you manage to have the greater the competitive advantage and the more appealing you will be in the job market. Going on exchange is beneficial academically, culturally and personally.

Depending on where you decide to go, it should cost you just about the same. Also, if you have an average of 75% or higher you are eligible for an exchange scholarship - it's not much but it should cover most of your UBC tuition fees, and you will also be eligible for all UBC scholarships, loans and bursaries as if you were here.

UBC has exchange agreements with several English speaking countries or countries where English is the language of instruction.

If you diligently work out a study plan with your program advisor, then you will still be able graduate on time.

There is an application deadline, as with all deadlines you should make every effort to respect it. Talk with you International Office and see if you still have a chance.

Meet with your program advisor and together you will work out a study plan with some of the specific courses that you will be taking while abroad; some classes may be cancelled for reasons beyond your control, just like it sometimes happen at UBC. Be sure to communicate all of the changes to your advisor as soon as possible, so that you can work around them.

Most of the students applying do get accepted, and if your first choice University is one of the Forestry specific exchanges then you will probably get it.

Depending on the University that you will choose, you do not have to go for a full year: if an Intensive Study Tour is offered by any of our Partner Universities you can go for as short as a three week period.