Undergraduate Degree Programs

Our undergraduate degrees develop and emphasize your creative thinking and critical analysis skills. With indoor and outdoor lab components, you are able to put theory into practice through interactive learning environments. More than just trees, you can study subjects such as globalization & sustainability, engineering, business management, forest genetics, resource socio-economics & policy, bioeconomy, conservation biology, biodiversity and much more!

Earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Urban Forestry degree through 1 of 6 programs offered by the Faculty of Forestry. Subject areas cover a range of conservation, resource management, urban forestry, and manufacturing themes. A five-year co-operative option is also offered for each program, where work placement sessions become part of your studies.


Urban Forestry

Bachelor of Urban Forestry in 
Urban Forestry
Minors in
Urban Green-Space Management
Landscape & Recreation Planning



Bachelor of Science in Forestry
Majors in
Forest Resources Management
Forest Operations
Minor in Commerce

Forest Sciences

Bachelor of Science in
Forest Sciences
Specialization in
International Forestry


Bachelor of Science in
Wood Products Processing
Minor in

First-Year Program Option