The program provides a strong foundation for careers involving the biological and environmental aspects of forestry, forest conservation, research, and teaching. There is a demand for committed people to increase the level of knowledge and understanding that we have for our forests, and apply this knowledge in planning scenarios. Consultants, government ministries, and large forest companies all require staff with specialised knowledge in areas such as ecology, wildlife habitat, tree physiology and genetics, silviculture, and forest protection.
Graduates of the Forest Science program go primarily into specialist and research careers involving the biological and ecological aspects of forest management. Some students go on to pursue post-graduate studies (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) as well as careers in education and law. With the appropriate courses, the program can also provide a basis for acquiring professional certification as a Registered Professional Biologist or a Registered Professional Forester.
Opportunities exist for graduates to work in other parts of Canada and throughout the world. Possible career options include:

  • Forest Geneticist
  • Biodiversity Specialist
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Officer
  • Forest Ecologist
  • Pathologist or Entomologist