Specialization in Community and Aboriginal Forestry

The Forest Resources Management Major (Specialization in Community and Aboriginal Forestry) is designed to educate students to be adaptable professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the discipline of forest management, an ability to acquire specific knowledge and skills as required, and the confidence to play a decision-making role in a wide variety of resource management situations with an emphasis on community forestry and working with Aboriginal peoples. Graduates, after appropriate work experience and examination, may be eligible for registration as professional foresters in various Canadian provinces.

What you will learn

Students are provided with an introduction to the biological, physical, and social sciences upon which forest resource management is based, and a working knowledge of the characteristics of forest resources, their interactions, and the ways in which they can be managed to yield a socially desirable mix of goods and services. Students will also gain an understanding of the political and socio-economic environment in which forestry is practiced; and an appreciation for the historical and ethical foundations of the profession. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on encouraging communication skills, both oral and written, creative thinking, critical analysis, and professional pride.

How to apply

For students entering the Faculty from secondary school, the program consists of 130 credits, normally taken over four years. For those students entering the Faculty from first-year university (or its equivalent) or with a two-year Forestry Technical Diploma from a BC college or institute of technology, the program consists of 98 credits normally taken over a three-year period.
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Program Map for Community and Aboriginal Forestry Specialization