What will you learn?

The Urban Forestry program is for students interested in learning about urban ecology, sustainability planning, recreation, human well-being, forest sciences and management. In collaboration with the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and other UBC departments, the Bachelor of Urban Forestry provides core competencies in:

  • Urban ecology (including ecosystem services, wildlife, wetland)
  • Forest and greenspace management (including forest health, arboriculture, plant selection and maintenance)
  • Recreation & well-being, human dimensions, and cultural values
  • Climate change, sustainability & conservation of green infrastructure networks

All graduates will learn important transferable skills in:

  • Smart data, modelling and visualization
  • Planning and design methods
  • Community engagement & communications
  • Policy, economics, legal & professional practice

The program features both local field courses in the Vancouver area, and international case studies based on UBC research and our professional networks in China, India, South America, Europe, across North America, and elsewhere. Practitioners and leading scientists from various disciplines will be involved in teaching and critiquing student work.