Bursaries are non-repayable awards that are granted primarily on the basis of financial need. If you have successfully demonstrated to the UBC Awards Office that you have a financial need you may apply for a bursary. First consideration is normally given to those who have also applied for provincial or federal government assistance.
Tommy BURGESS Memorial Forestry Bursary. Two bursaries of $1,300 each are offered by Mrs. T.E. Burgess for forestry students.
Ian T. CAMERON Memorial Bursary. A $1020.00 bursary, in memory of Ian T. Cameron, is made available each year to a needy student in the Faculty of Forestry. Preference is given to students who have been active in the Junior Forest Warden program, Boy Scouts or Girl Guides.
CANFOR Corporation Bursary. Bursaries totalling $8,000, a gift of CANFOR Corporation, are awarded to students proceeding in a full program of studies to an undergraduate degree as follows: Forestry ($4,000), Engineering ($2,000) and Commerce and Business Administration ($2,000). The awards are to students with satisfactory academic records who have need for financial assistance.
Doris M. DOWLING Memorial Bursary. Bursaries totalling $1,235 have been endowed by the late Philip McLaughlin Dowling, in memory of his sister Doris M. Dowling. The awards are available to students in the sciences including, but not limited to such programs as Pharmacy, Nursing, Rehabilitation Sciences, Forestry, Engineering and Agriculture.
EUROCAN Pulp and Paper Co. Bursary. A bursary of $1000.00, gift of Eurocan Pulp and Paper CO., a division of West Fraser Mills Ltd., is offered to students in any year and faculty who have taken courses in the field of pulp and paper technology and/or forestry and who are continuing studies in these fields. Candidates are considered on the basis of financial need, standing, and interest in the fields in which the award is offered. Special preference is given to students in the Kitimat area.
J.D. HETHERINGTON Memorial Bursary. Bursaries totalling $2,400 have been endowed by his family in memory of J. D. (Jack) Hetherington (B.A.Sc ’45), in recognition of his integrity, leadership, and trust in young people. The award is offered to undergraduate students in Applied Science or Forestry.
Jeannette LINDSAY Memorial Bursary. One or more bursaries totalling $2,115 have been endowed through a bequest from Jeanette Lindsay. The awards are available for women entering first year in engineering, forestry or science.
P.L. NORTHCOTT Memorial Bursary. A $510 bursary has been endowed by his family to honour P. L. Northcott and to recognize his dedication to continuing education and to the best use of the world’s renewable resources. The award is made to a student in the Faculty of Forestry with preference to a mature student.
Henri J. PIGEON Bursary in Wood Science and Industry. A $390 bursary has been endowed by Henri J. Pigeon. The award is offered to a student enrolled in the Wood Science and Industry major in the Faculty of Forestry. The award is made in consultation with the Faculty. Extra-curricular activities and academic standing will be considered.
Oscar SODERMAN Memorial Bursary. Bursaries totalling $12,000 have been endowed through a bequest of the late Daisy Sidney Soderman for worthy and deserving students beginning or continuing studies in Forestry and allied fields or Forest Engineering. If no suitable candidates are eligible in these fields the income will be used for needy students in any year or faculty.
Oscar SZIKLAI Memorial Bursary in Forestry. A $300 bursary has been endowed in memory of Dr. Oscar Sziklai by family, friend, and colleagues. The award is offered to a student in fourth year Forest Sciences with preference given to those studying Genetics/Silviculture.
John WORRALL Alumni Bursary in Forestry. Bursaries totalling $4,370 have been endowed in recognition of the teaching contribution of Dr. John Worrall in the Faculty of Forestry. The award, initiated by the 1970-1990 forestry alumni, is offered to students entering third year Forestry.
FIRE Management Memorial Loan. A loan fund has been established in memory of those who had a special interest in fire management. The fund will provide assistance to students in their third and fourth year of Forestry who have expressed a strong interest in some aspect of Fire Management, and have need of financial support to complete their degree requirements. Students wish support from the fund should contact the Dean of Forestry. In providing this fund, the donor expressed the hope that those who benefit from it would, if and when circumstances permit, contribute to its perpetuation.