Student Life

Life as a Faculty of Forestry Undergrad

The Faculty of Forestry offers:
Award Winning Degree Programs. With 6 undergraduate degrees you will find a program that suits your educational goals and career objectives. Our degree programs will prepare you for the challenges of an evolving resource sector by providing you with a range of technical skills and an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of resource management. International and Cooperative Education Placement programs are also available.

Award-Winning Teaching. As an undergraduate student, you will benefit from the collective experiences and research of award winning instructors. Our small class sizes will increase your opportunity to interact with your instructors and your classmates.

Career Opportunities around the World. Graduates from the Faculty of Forestry secure exciting, challenging careers provincially, nationally, and globally. In addition to developing practical knowledge and skills throughout your degree, you will also develop the organizational, communication, and leadership skills required for a successful career.

Forestry Community. Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Forestry have a long history of community spirit, both on and off campus. You will develop life long friendships through participation in faculty and intramural sports, social functions, and civic events.