What is it Like to be a Forestry Student?

Home for UBC Forestry students is the Forest Sciences Centre. This award-winning building, showcasing engineered wood products and built to look like a forest, offers high-tech classrooms wired with Ethernet connections and featuring large computer teaching labs to ensure our students learn with the latest technologies and software.
The Faculty of Forestry has two Research Forests in three diverse parts of the province, where students apply their theoretical knowledge to the field. Extensive use is made of Pacific Spirit Park, which is 25,157 ha of forest that surrounds UBC campus. These are working forests, where students and faculty will conduct and execute many labs in outdoor settings.
With a Forestry education you will learn skills that will last you a lifetime. However, it is important that students balance their studies with extra-curricular activities. As a forestry student there are many different areas where your energy can be used.

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