Anika Ng (Natural Resources Conservation)

Anika Ng – E.S. Cropconsult

BSCN – E.S. Cropconsult Ltd., Delta, BC

For my first co-op term this summer, I had the opportunity to work as an Integrated Pest Management Field Technician at E.S. Cropconsult Ltd. in Delta and Abbotsford. I completed fieldwork as a Potato and Cole Crop scout through monitoring for various pests in the crops. I learned about the implementation of biological, chemical, physical, and cultural control methods when monitoring these crops. My work has taught me the importance of collecting accurate scientific data for creating reports to growers and how proper communication is essential to a productive work environment. This work term has been an eye-opening experience to the tireless efforts of everyone involved in helping bring these nutritious foods from farm to table.

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