Our faculty conducts leading research that is designed to drive change globally. We seek solutions to improve the state of the world’s forests, how we manage them, and utilize their products.    

Our research is multi-disciplined, award-winning, and recognized throughout Canada and internationally. With topics that range from integrated remote sensing to forest conservation genetics to advanced wood processing and bio-economy opportunities, the breadth of our research is extensive and reflected in our major research areas.   

Collectively, we take a collaborative, supportive approach to our research to ensure the tradition of research excellence that began in 1921 continues to this day and well into the future.   

Mind map of our research areas

Research Areas

Continued excellence in research will require the application of multi-dimensional approaches that support creativity and innovation steeped in an inspired and vibrant research culture. Ecosystems and Climate Change, Forest Bioproducts and the Bioeconomy, Sustainable Forest Management, just to name a few, are among the many different research areas our faculty is engaged in and collaborating on.

Research award recipient holding an award

Research Award Recipients

Throughout its history, the Faculty of Forestry has been recognized for its numerous outstanding achievements and contributions to the many disciplines of forestry. Find out why our faculty members are counted among the most esteemed innovators in the world.


Research Forests

UBC is proud to manage two educational working forests that provide students with the means for cutting-edge research, interactive education, and hands-on learning experience.


Research Resources

Learn how to stay informed about research opportunities, get an overview of the main research funding competitions, and view information on research prizes and awards.