The Faculty of Forestry is comprised of three departments: Forest Resources Management, Forest and Conservation Sciences, and Wood Sciences. Departments are responsible for appointing professors, instructors and teaching assistants, and, for maintaining research facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories which enables cutting-edge research and education to take place. Information on undergraduate and graduate programs can be found here.


Department of Forest Resources Management

The Department of Forest Resources Management is an international research hub led by a collaboration of the best minds in forestry science and education. Our student community is supported by an exceptional team of staff, faculty, and expert minds, laying the foundation for the foresters of the future. Through interdisciplinary learning and hands-on experience, students build a strong knowledge-base and gain the practical and technical skills necessary to design a balanced and sustainable future in forest management. Our department actively engages with indigenous peoples in Canada and abroad, in their stewardship of forest lands. We foster public understanding of, and actively promote sustainable approaches to, regional and global natural resource and conservation challenges.

Department of Forest & Conservation Sciences

Balancing different values is inherent to the management of forests. The Department of Forest & Conservation Sciences provides students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that allows for an in-depth look at various forest values. Our two programs provide students with an outstanding education through comprehensive, science-focused courses and experiential learning in their given major. Forest Sciences provides students with a thorough understanding of forest ecology and ecosystems. Natural Resources Conservation allows students to focus on the protection and management of our planet’s natural resources, within the Science and Management or Global Perspectives discipline. We are proud, as a department, to play a key role in the innovation and advancement of forest research and sustainable forest management.

Department of Wood Science

The Department of Wood Science offers one of the most exciting and groundbreaking programs across the Faculty of Forestry. A unique combination of science, engineering, and business, our comprehensive program offers in-depth courses, experiential learning, and hands-on training, on top of the necessary scientific principles integral to the study of wood science. Our cutting-edge facilities and technologies, including state-of-the-art laboratories and research equipment, allow for some of the most advanced research, education, and wood processing innovation on the planet. Spearheaded by some of the top experts and leaders in the field, our faculty boasts an amazing team of passionate educators, dedicated to providing students with scholastic support and an exceptional Wood Sciences education.