Why Give to UBC Forestry

While around one-third of our funding comes from government grants, and another approximately one-third from student tuition fees, UBC Forestry relies on the generosity of donors to make it possible to deliver global-leading research, education and community outreach. With your unwavering support, we can enhance the educational experience for students, offers cutting-edge research and equipment, provides bursaries and assistance to students in need, and more.

FORWARD, the campaign for UBC

Your generosity will shape a more resilient, sustainable, inclusive and equitable future by empowering the next generation of leaders and fueling transformative innovations that tackle urgent global challenges—that is the promise and potential of FORWARD, the campaign for UBC.

New approaches are needed to address the growing threat of climate change on our forests and how forests can help to mitigate these impacts on our planet. Sustainable forestry practices and management are needed to help realize a green economy and secure the health and resilience of ecosystems and the communities that depend upon them. The Faculty of Forestry is a research and educational hub that produces invaluable discoveries, innovations and education to further advance the field of forestry and support a healthier, greener and more sustainable future for all.

Your support to the campaign will solidify our role as a changemaker in three key areas:

  • Address the climate crisis by supporting research and education to develop sustainable forest management practices, innovative products, materials and best practices and solutions
  • Realize healthier communities through urban and rural forest ecosystems research and education that informs policy development and decision-making
  • Protect the long-term availability, economic viability and sustainability of natural resources through innovations, applied research opportunities and community engagement that deepen humanity’s understanding and appreciation of nature

Creating Solutions for the Planet

Today, there are more people alive on our planet than ever before—and they are living longer than at any time in human history. How will we ensure quality of life in the years to come? The solutions required to advance healthy lives will not come from a single discipline. UBC is committed to advancing wellness in all its forms: mental, physical and emotional. The interdisciplinary and award-winning research and training conducted at UBC Forestry is working to conserve, manage and improve the productivity of the world’s forests so that they can continue to support local and global ecosystems and human needs for generations to come. Our efforts range from preserving healthy forests to constructing healthy buildings and promoting a healthy planet.

FORWARD, the campaign for UBC: creating solutions for the planet

Advancing Healthy Lives

Food and forest, sea and sky: sustainability touches every aspect of our living world and impacts environmental, social and economic health around the globe. Creating solutions for the future of our planet is embedded in every aspect of UBC life—from research and teaching to campus operations and community outreach. In the Faculty of Forestry, we are helping to build sustainable communities, ecosystems and forests to realize a healthier future for all.

Shaping Thriving Societies

Forward, the campaign for UBC: Shaping Thriving Societies

At UBC, our commitment to resilient societies runs deep: with a dedication to meaningful reconciliation with the people of the Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Syilx Okanagan nations, on whose traditional lands our campuses reside. We believe a just and thriving society is grounded in compassion and empathy, strengthened by diversity and inclusion and fueled by creativity and community outreach. The Faculty of Forestry is forging collaborative connections and meaningful partnerships, plus reconciliation with Indigenous communities through knowledge sharing, applied learning and partnerships.

Partners in Purpose: Help shape a more sustainable future.

Forestry, land management and natural resource professionals are poised to play a leading role in transitioning to a greener and more sustainable future in which forests and bioproducts capture carbon and provide invaluable habitats and sources for green jobs and sustainable economic prosperity.

Join us in our mission to develop responsible and research-based approaches to forestry, land and ecosystem management.

Your contribution makes possible novel investigations and technology that support leaders in the field. As a donor to the UBC Faculty of Forestry, you make possible world-leading forestry and conservation research, education and community outreach. By believing in us, you are giving the next generation of leaders more opportunity to drive innovative research and field work that leads to discovery and positive change.

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“I wanted to leave an estate gift to UBC Forestry because sustainable forests are part of our future and will play an important role in efforts to address the many economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges we face, today and in the future.”

– UBC Forestry Assoc. Prof., Markets and Economics, Christopher Gaston