Research Areas

Award-winning, multidisciplinary researchers in the Faculty of Forestry investigate a broad range of human impacts on the natural world, forest resources, ecosystem services, and values that human societies derive from nature. Traditionally forestry research focussed on the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing of wood products, but we now investigate topics as diverse as the effects of climate change on forests and salmon; environmentally-friendly novel bioproducts; indigenous perspectives on natural resource management; and the effects of urban forests on human and community health. The scientific knowledge generated by this research informs and improves the management, use, and conservation of ecosystems and the resources they produce.


Applied Conservation Science

Communities, Indigenous Knowledge & Natural Resources

Communities, Indigenous Knowledge & Natural Resources


Ecosystems and Climate Change


Forest Bioproducts and the Bioeconomy

Human Dimensions of the Environment

Human Dimensions of the Environment


Sustainable Forest Management


Technological Innovations


Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure