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Latest Issue - Spring 2022 Branchlines

We are pleased to invite you to explore our new Branchlines publication. Courtesy of the UBC Faculty of Forestry, Development and Alumni Engagement Office, the revamped look, feel and direction was shaped by valuable feedback from our alumni community. In this issue you will find: an in-depth feature story on the recent fires and floods climate catastrophes; celebrate the 2022 Alumni Builder Award recipient, Arthur Tsai; pay tribute to Prof. Peter Marshall; and enjoy a Q&A with Garry Merkel. To read more, download the full issue.   

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Fires and Floods Webinar

Do land management practices, such as clearcutting, play a role in devastating floods? What about the role of fire suppression and land management practices in massive wildfires? Our expert panel will discuss some of the forestry practices that are shaping landscapes in BC and how the profession can help mitigate the impact of extreme weather-related events.

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2022 Alumni Builder Award Winner Shares His Secret to Success

Some lessons demand experience to be understood. For Arthur Tsai, testing his limits helped him realize not only what he was capable of, but a path that led him to complete both a BSc in Wood Science and Industry and MSc in Forestry at UBC, as well as achieve success heading Paper Excellence’s market intelligence team.

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Where the Waters Meet

A TA’s award-winning work keeps compassion flowing Hauling boxes out of a moving truck with her husband and new lab mates, UBC Forestry PhD candidate Stefanie Lane heard about a man whose reputation for compassion she would go on to model in her own work. Stefanie arrived in Vancouver from Austin, Texas – after a…

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