Latest Issue – Spring 2023 Branchlines

Greenery can be a common source of refuge and recreation in the urban environment, but have you ever stopped to wonder who maintains the lush plant life found in parks and other public spaces? In this issue, we explore the relatively new role of the urban forester, and find out what it takes to fill those shoes. We hear directly from leading urban forestry researchers who are examining the human and wildlife health implications of urban forests, as well as the important role citizens can play in maintaining green spaces. We also speak with several, highly experienced BC urban foresters who have dipped their toes in everything from landscape design to pest infestation management, wildfire preparedness and tree planting initiatives. Find all this and more in our Urban Forestry issue.

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Featured Articles

Built for Success

A new undergraduate bursary helps wood science students realize their dreams.

Fourth year UBC Forestry undergraduate student, Alexandra Thomas pictured in the fields.

Regreening the Downtown Eastside for Better Health

A new project led by fourth-year UBC Forestry undergraduate student Alexandra Thomas highlights how Indigenous knowledge about the healing and nurturing properties of the land could help mitigate negative health effects from climate change-related events, such as extreme heat, in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Reid Carter stands in front of building and totem pole.

When Failure Isn’t an Option

A winning mindset drove 2023 Alumni Builder Award recipient Reid Carter to excel and give back. No stranger to putting in long hours and pivoting when necessary to achieve academically and professionally, Reid always kept his sights firmly set on his goals.

Past Issues

Fall 2022 Branchlines

FALL 2022 Branchlines

The future of forestry is now. Led by innovative thinkers, groundbreaking technology and pressing social and environmental need, the forestry profession of today is addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. This issue takes a deep dive into sustainable forest management and the diversity of perspectives and approaches that are shaping it. Also in the fall edition: hear from a leading expert on Indigenous forest gardens. Learn about state-of-the-art cellulose-based biomaterials. Follow the family tree of 7 generations of foresters. Get the graduate and undergraduate student perspective.

Spring 2022 Branchlines

Spring 2022 Branchlines

We are pleased to invite you to explore our new Branchlines publication. Courtesy of the UBC Faculty of Forestry, Development and Alumni Engagement Office, the revamped look, feel and direction was shaped by valuable feedback from our alumni community. In this issue you will find: an in-depth feature story on the recent fires and floods climate catastrophes; celebrate the 2022 Alumni Builder Award recipient, Arthur Tsai; pay tribute to Prof. Peter Marshall; and enjoy a Q&A with Garry Merkel.