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Orlando Rojas

Canada Excellence Research Chair in Bioproducts
Scientific Director, Bioproducts Institute

Chemical & Biological Engineering Building, Rm 259
2360 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada

work phone: 6048223457

Biobased Colloids and Materials (BiCMat)

Our BiCMat group works toward supporting global sustainable development through research on the fundamental and utilization aspects of renewable resources, including lignocellulose, proteins and other biopolymers. Our research aims to discover competitive alternatives for fossil materials.

BiCMat group Activity reports:

Some of our work (cover art of recent articles):

Selected Publications

Pasquier E., Mattos B.D., Koivula H., Khakalo A., Belgacem M.N., Rojas O.J., Bras J. (2022). Multilayers of Renewable Nanostructured Materials with High Oxygen and Water Vapor Barriers for Food Packaging ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14, 30236-30245
Guo T., Wan Z., Yu Y., Chen H., Wang Z., Li D., Song J., Rojas O.J., Jin Y. (2022). Mechanisms of Strain-Induced Interfacial Strengthening of Wet-Spun Filaments ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14, 16809-16819
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Xu J., Liu L., Zu Y., Pei W., Zhang L., Ye W., Bai L., Wang Z., Fan Y., Yong Q., Rojas O.J. (2022). Simple synthesis of self-assembled nacre-like materials with 3D periodic layers from nanochitin via hydrogelation and mineralization Green Chemistry 24, 1308-1317
Chen C., Wu Q., Wan Z., Yang Q., Xu Z., Li D., Jin Y., Rojas O.J. (2022). Mildly processed chitin used in one-component drinking straws and single use materials: Strength, biodegradability and recyclability Chemical Engineering Journal 442, 136173
Haj Y.A., Mousavihashemi S., Robertson D., Borghei M., Pääkkönen T., Rojas O.J., Kontturi E., Kallio T., Vapaavuori J. (2022). Biowaste-derived electrode and electrolyte materials for flexible supercapacitors Chemical Engineering Journal 435, 135058
Xu J., Zou Y., Liu L., Yu J., Wang Z., Fan Y., Rojas O.J. (2022). Multifunctional aqueous ferrofluid stabilized by cellulose nanofibrils with long term stability Chemical Engineering Journal 443, 136252
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Pang B., Ajdary R., Antonietti M., Rojas O.J. (2022). Pickering emulgels reinforced with host-guest supramolecular inclusion complexes for high fidelity direct ink writing Materials Horizons 9, 835-840
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Ahmadijokani F., Molavi H., Tajahmadi S., Rezakazemi M., Amini M., Kamkar M., Rojas O.J. (2022). Coordination chemistry of metal–organic frameworks: Detection, adsorption, and photodegradation of tetracycline antibiotics and beyond Coordination Chemistry Reviews 464, 214562
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Ge W., Cao S., Yang Y., Rojas O.J., Wang X. (2021). Nanocellulose/LiCl Systems Enable Conductive and Stretchable Electrolyte Hydrogels with Tolerance to Dehydration and Extreme Cold Conditions Chemical Engineering Journal 408, 127306
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Yazdani, M.R., Ajdary R., Kankkunen A., Rojas O.J., Seppälä A. (2021). Cellulose nanofibrils endow phase change polyethylene glycol with form control and solid-to-gel transition for thermal energy storage ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 6188–620
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