Online Micro-Certificate: Climate Vulnerability & Adaptation

What is the Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (CVA) Micro-Certificate?

The Faculty of Forestry’s Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (CVA) Micro-Certificate is a flexible 8-week online program that provides forest professionals with an understanding of climate science, vulnerability assessments, adaptation development, and how it is applied to management and business case adaptation.

Why Choose the CVA Micro-Certificate?

Today, government and certification agencies are requiring more accountability in meeting climate change, and green industry standards. This has resulted in a surge in demand for working professionals who wish to advance their knowledge in the field of climate science, assessment and application of climate impacts and adaptation in a forestry context.

CVA offers science-based, practical, hands-on training for professionals, including those currently working and those seeking to gain additional skills to better their employment opportunities. Providing a unique perspective that comes from collaboration and knowledge exchange between university researchers, government and industry partners.

What Will You Learn?

This 8-week flexible online program is rooted in real-world application, focusing on industry case studies in sustainable forest management, and making linkages between the science-management-business case interface.

  • Understand the role and application of climate change science, models and frameworks in climate change vulnerability assessments
  • How to use the results from climate change vulnerability assessment processes and then apply results to inform adaptation development for sustainable forest management systems
  • Identify organizational capacity and other factors influencing adaptation options in the regional/local context
  • Proactively identify key risks and understand how to address climate change vulnerability implications for forest management adaptation implementation
  • Identify potential policy implications for adaptation implementation and business-case decision making

Who Should Apply?

Applications are open to both public and private sector natural resources professionals who have demonstrated an interest and need for professional training and development in the area of climate change science, assessing the vulnerability of their land base and management systems, adaptation development, planning, and implementation.

This program is designed for professionals, practitioners, and those who want to expand their interdisciplinary training in the field of climate science application, vulnerability assessment processes, and adaptation in a forestry context.

Employment opportunities:

  • Government (managers, planners, and policy analysts)
  • Forest industry—with a focus on continued professional development through RPF associations
  • Community/urban forestry technicians, planners, managers
  • Cities and communities (urban planning)
  • Private sector—forestry consultants
  • Non-governmental organizations (Ducks Unlimited, environmental education groups, and communication agencies, etc.)