Online Micro-Certificate: Landscape Level Forest Modeling

What is the Landscape Level Forest Modeling Micro-Certificate?

The Faculty of Forestry’s Landscape Level Forest Modeling Micro-Certificate is a flexible 8-week online program that provides professionals with introductory knowledge of forest modeling techniques, and how they can inform forest management and forest policy decisions.

Why choose the Landscape Level Forest Modeling Micro-Certificate?

Landscape level forest modeling is an integral component of sustainable forest resources management globally and locally. Understanding how projecting large area of forested land through time influences the forest planning process, allows forest professionals to critically evaluate assumptions, limitations and conclusions drawn from the planning process.  

What will you learn?

This program is designed to introduce natural resource professionals to complicated realm landscape level forest modeling and forest resources analysis. At the end of the program students will:

  • Understand the role of forest modeling and forest resources analysis in landscape level forest management and planning.
  • Be able to analyze, and interpret forest resources data and identify appropriate data sources for forest model development.
  • Formulate and solve small strategic and tactical forest resource analysis problems.
  • Link landscape-level forest management planning to forest sector fiber procurement planning.
  • Formulate and solve harvest scheduling problems using landscape level optimization models.
    • Compare multiple scenarios in a way to inform landscape level policy decisions
    • Compare different performance measurements criteria and methods
    • Employ resource planning principles
  • Understand, use, analyse, and interpret landscape level projection models

Forest Professionals of B.C. Competencies

IMPORTANT: If you are working to gain these competencies with the FPBC you must complete all courses of the micro-certificate.

  • 6. Information Acquisition and Analysis
    • 6.3. Analyze and interpret forest resource data.
  • 7. Planning and Administration
    • 7.3. Employ resource planning principles.
  • 8A. Forest Management
    • 8A.1. Discuss the forest management process, and its requirements and levels.
    • 8A.2. Design stand and forest-level plans.
  • 8D. Forest Operations
    • 8D.2. Discuss purpose and components of forest planning.

Who should apply?

This micro-certificate will be of interest to those who are working towards become professional foresters, professionals in the private, public or non-profit sector whose job involves working with the planning of forested landscapes, natural resources and sustainable forest management.

Employment Opportunities