Technology and Innovation

Forestry is a highly technologically advanced field. Quantum leaps in computing, imaging, communications technology, DNA sequencing, and other areas have led to technological breakthroughs in forestry and conservation. From sensors and camera networks to intelligent harvesting design to 3D visualization and satellite-based mapping, our research utilizes streams of data from our forests to help assess and guide conservation and management priorities. Additionally, exploration extends to wood engineering and manufacturing, advancing the field with innovative developments and optimizations in wood-related technologies.

Examples of our research

  • Theory and application of remote sensing and other geospatial information for forest productivity and conservation
  • Development of instruments and innovative applications to assess forest ecosystems and resources
  • Understanding implications of landscape change for ecological processes and ecosystem services for societies
  • Wood physics
  • Innovations in wood machining and processing
  • Wood building engineering, design and construction

Faculty involved in this research area: