Aaron Justin Wee (Forest Sciences)

Jr. Resource Technologist at Ministry of Forests in Fort St. John, BC

Aaron standing in the snow and smiling.

This term, I am continuing my tenure working for the Ministry of Forests. This term, I’ve been doing more fieldwork with the wildlife and water teams. For the wildlife team, I rode a helicopter and surveyed for Caribou. We collected dropping samples and sent them to a lab for DNA analysis. As for water, I helped them conduct monthly snow surveys. We used a long metal tube to collect snow samples and weighed them using a scale. Aside from that, my work has mostly been doing administrative reviews of Crown Land tenures and presenting my findings to my supervisor and upper management. 

Co-op is important for students because it gives you a sense of direction. After doing fieldwork for the Ministry of Forests, I have a clearer picture of what I want to do in the future. It also allows you to meet potential mentors to help guide you with your career choices. 

Forestry co-op has given me the chance to make personal relationships with the local First Nations and learn more about their culture. I’ve also gotten a better grasp of the processes behind applications and crown land sales or allocation. These are valuable opportunities I would not have gotten if not for the co-op program. 

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