Chen Ming Wei (Natural Resources Conservation)

Climate Action Outreach Coordinator at Langley Environmental Partners Society in Langley, BC

Chen looking at the camera and smiling.

In this summer, I worked at Langley Environmental Partners Society. As a climate ambassador, I mainly did public outreach. We conduct door-to-door landowner contact to educate residents on sustainable water restriction and alternative transportation strategy made by the Township of Langley. I promoted climate action messages to the public by attending a variety of events throughout the summer. In addition, I investigate opportunities for future school and community outreach programming, including report writing. At last, I assisted with the coordination of climate action workshops.

The reason why we did is that we share sustainability information and encourage the adoption of new behaviors to reduce climate impacts. The WaterWise program is an initiative of the Township of Langley’s Water Resource Management Strategy in order to informed residents about the importance of local groundwater resources, and providing practical ways to conserve and protect our supply.

Theoretically, LEPS is my first job in my life. Also, working in LEPS is one of my best choices in my life, which teach me a basic understanding of environmental area and motivate me to imagine what I can change for the world climate in the future. Solving climate problems is a complex and long process. Through door to door and announcement for public people that we did in this summer, it is just the beginning to make people sense the seriousness of climate and collect surveys data and awareness. The leaders who may be government, company and even some persons need to publish a serious of measures and policies to take public people together to make a progress. It is an unforgettable, unbelievable and meaningful summer term for me. I am so proud of what I did in this summer.

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