En Jung Hwang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Sustainability Assistant with Solaires Enterprises Inc. in Victoria, BC

En Jung Hwang standing in front of a poster for Solaires and smiling.

I had the honour of extending my position as a Sustainability Assistant at Solaires Enterprises Inc. for my 4th co-op term. Although a fully remote position, it is located in Victoria, BC. Solaires is focusing on paving the way of new solar technology by using perovskite cells for solar energy in lieu of solar panels. My position mainly focuses on sustainability initiatives of the company. Currently I am wrapping up finishing the impact report which outlines the Corporate Social Responsibilities of the company. I also work on increasing employee engagements with various employee programs like the volunteer program and the well-being program. This position not only improved my skills professionally but the ability to improve my transferable skills. I feel confident in my organizational and communication skills that will help me succeed in my future careers. I’m grateful that the UBC Forestry co-op program has given me this opportunity to work in sustainability in a corporate setting. 

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