En Jung Hwang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Sustainability Assistant with Solaires Enterprises Inc. in Victoria, BC

En Jung kneeling on a tarp with leaves and smiling.

For my third co-op term, I am continuing my remote position at Solaires, a cleantech company that specializes in solar energy–specifically solar cells to make solar energy more accessible. As the sustainability assistant, I play a role in increasing sustainability efforts in the company, help employee engagements, and implement company policies. This term, I assisted in the research of carbon offset projects for the company to help Solaires in the journey of becoming carbon net-zero. Carbon offset was always something that I learned in my studies and I got to experience it first-hand on how companies offset their carbon emissions. In addition, I have been improving student engagement for the company, and this term, I had the wonderful opportunity to host invasive plant species removal corporate volunteering events for the company (as pictured). In my first ever co-op job, I was the volunteer coordinator to help assist corporate groups just like this, so it was super exciting to be on the other end! Without co-op, I would have never found my love for corporate sustainability so I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to widen their experience and to try different sectors of environmental science jobs!

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