En Jung Hwang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator at The Sharing Farm in Richmond, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op student, En Jung Hwang, stands in front of the Sharing Farm's sign.

During my first co-op work term, my role was the Social Media Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator at The Sharing Farm–a non-profit farm located at Terra Nova park that donates their fresh produce to the Richmond Food Bank. I had the privilege of organizing 4 cooking class webinars by creating the graphics and sending out press releases. I also update the social media pages, coordinate the volunteer program that happened on site two times a week, and organized the Community-supported agriculture progam. The best part of the job was working with the volunteers. Everyone coming from different backgrounds and ages coming together to help out the community was truly amazing. Being able to work for a non-profit farm gave me exposure to the food and agriculture sector of sustainability which broaden my skills when seeking forestry job positions.

Thanks to my supportive supervisors, I was able to improve my communication and leadership skills. These skills are applicable to my future work terms and overall career. I am so thankful that Forestry co-op gave me the opportunity to work for an amazing organization.

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