Jonathan Yee (Natural Resources Conservation)

Learn to Camp at Parks Canada in Vancouver, BC

Jonathan at a booth that informs people about camping safely.

For my first Co-op work term, I have been working for Parks Canada as a part of the Vancouver Learn-to-camp team, which is a branch of the External Relations department in the Coastal BC field unit. My work consists of two main branches, outreach and overnights. Outreaching consists of teaching outdoor and wildlife safety, while promoting the Parks Canada brand and locations. A highlight was working several large events including the Vancouver Pride Festival and the Khatsahlano Festival. The other branch of my work is our overnight Learn-to-camp programs. They are one-night camping experiences that we provide mostly to families in various locations that serve as an introduction to camping. We provide workshops on topics such as trip planning, how to pitch a tent, and how to cook while camping. The overnights are so full of joy, and it has been so much fun seeing the participants become so passionate about learning new things, and enjoying a weekend in beautiful places. Furthermore, Parks Canada partners with different organizations such as Canucks Autism Network and Color The Trails, among others, to bring specific demographics to some of our overnights. Working with other organizations has been a joy and allowed us to elevate the quality of the overnights that we have been able to provide. This Co-op position has allowed me to learn new skills that are transferable to any future jobs that I will hold. 

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