Kayleah Stapleton (Natural Resources Conservation)

Spotted Owl Intern at British Columbia Conservation Foundation in Langley, BC

Kayleah holding a spotted owl and smiling.

I have been working for the British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) at the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program (NSOBP). With only three known Northern spotted owls left in the wild, I am directly involved in conserving one of Canada’s most endangered species. Currently, I am learning the process of daily care for the owls such as studying typical or abnormal feeding and breeding behaviours. I assist the staff with artificial egg incubation, monitoring growth and development, and ensure ideal environmental conditions for new chicks that will contribute to the species’ population.

As well, I help maintain rodent colonies as fresh food for the owls by feeding, cleaning enclosures, and refilling water bottles. I have learned a lot about the behaviors of rats and mice through research, teaching, and hands on experience. Other duties I have performed include digitizing rodent and owl data, sewing, planting trees in owl aviaries, and supporting staff at outreach events or presentations. This position so far has been an extremely educating and rewarding experience that has shaped my life and career path. I am very grateful for the chance to be part of such an important program protecting Canada’s biodiversity.

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