Kaysha Reeder (Urban Forestry)

Field Services Technician at City of Burlington in Burlington, ON

Kaysha measuring a tree.

During my first co-op term, I have been working as a Field Services Technician with the City of Burlington, which is located on the northwestern end of Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada. 

My main work term project is to inspect replacement trees, which are required for tree permit holders to plant as part of the permit condition to remove or injure trees that are not exempt. I communicate with landowners who are required to plant the replacement trees and inspect the replanted trees or provide them an extension with a fee as the permit will expire in one year. The main purpose of the inspections was to ensure the replacement tree requirements, which include tree size, species, location, and condition, are met. Another task I am assigned to is to intake tree permit applications so they are available for the forest protection officers to review. This includes communicating with applicants to attain the required information and documentation and answering inquiries related to the permit process. During this work term, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge in municipal urban forestry, about the by-laws, and dealing with the permit process and how different departments other than forestry are also involved. I have enjoyed learning how the forest protection department is involved in diverse permit processes to ensure they can protect significant trees and maintain and even increase the urban tree canopy in the long term, and I hope I can carry on what I have learned and apply it in my future career to make an impact by protecting and enhancing the urban forests.

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