Lauren Kong (Natural Resources Conservation)

Vegetable Gardener at Don’t Go Hungry Food Support Program in New Westminster, BC

Lauren holding a basket with lettuce and smiling.

For my second co-op term, it has been a delight to work as a produce gardener for the Don’t go Hungry Food Support Program, based in New Westminster. My main role is to manage and maintain health of three different vegetable garden sites, one in which I newly implemented, to aid food insecure communities. This includes planting, pruning, setting up irrigation systems, and regularly harvesting the vegetation. This is a dynamic position that has allowed me to gain skills in project management, leadership, and community engagement. The new garden site I recently implemented helped me practice project management through creation of layout visualization and understanding the importance and process of land cultivation. I have been able to take on leadership roles to coordinate volunteers and distribute garden tasks. Another exciting aspect is getting to know the local community, through interactions with program supervisors, social media engagement, and people in food insecure situations, that utilize the program. This has opened my eyes to urban agricultural practices and how these techniques can be used to directly help those around you. It has been a pleasure to work at this program and I am excited to continue applying knowledge learned from my school courses to help the community of New Westminster.

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