Maria-Belen de Schutter (Natural Resources Conservation)

Intern at Parks Canada in Vancouver, BC

Maria holding an otter and smiling.

For my first co-op term, I am working with Parks Canada as a part of the Urban Outreach team here in Vancouver. Through this position, I have worked alongside many of the Parks Canada field units (e.g., Banff/Jasper) to spread knowledge on their conservation goals to diverse audiences across Metro Vancouver. As a Conservation student, this opportunity has been a unique government perspective on national conservation efforts and has allowed me to expand greatly on my presentation and communication skills teaching me to be adaptable to whoever my audience may be and to answer any of their questions on the fly. Some of the topics I specialized in included forest health + benefits of forest fires, a variety of species at risk, marine conservation, aquatic invasive species, and more! The content I learned through my courses has prepared me greatly for this opportunity and being a student for the Government of Canada has opened many more opportunities for me moving forward.

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