Mathew Appelbaum (Natural Resources Conservation)

Summer Student Intern at Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society in Barriere, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op Student, Matthew Appelbum, standing in front of a tractor in the forest and smiling.

For my first co-op work term, I am currently employed by the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society (LNTCFS) in Barriere, British Columbia. I work with two other fantastic summer students where we spend the majority of our days in Barriere’s forests contributing to various projects for the LNTCFS.

We recently completed our tree planting project where we planted about 4000 trees between the three of us in seven working days. Although tree planting was extremely tough and we were exceptionally slow at it compared to the professional tree planters we got to meet, we loved the work and felt fulfilled at the end of each day. We also created and delivered a presentation for two classes at the local high school centered around climate change and a smartphone app called iNaturalist. Some of our current projects include quickly wrapping up brushing and moving into pre-commercial thinning before a fire ban is implemented. We are also responsible for recording and emptying the bark beetle traps scattered across the community forest.

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